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OccupySTL Drone Hopes for Arson; Another Makes Racist Comments about Pujols


Occupy STL Preview


Attended the OccupySTL protest at the Federal Reserve in downtown St. Louis today with a large group of radical leftists.  Though there is some great video/pics to come, I thought I’d compile some interesting ones for fun.

Enjoy.  Next comes their “poetry”.  And their awful chanting:



An OFA Video on “Grassroots” Organizing and Van Jones


“Top down, bottom up, and inside out.” – Van Jones

Back to him in a second.  But first, a telling video of several “organizers” having lunch with President Obama:

The video is essentially Obama discussing how community organizers cannot just focus on the issues on the field, but also the need for a government who will respond to ordinary Americans.  Essentially, not only do you need a strong, organized “grassroots” movement to push issues, but you also need a government who will be responsive to the movement.  This is exactly right – governments should be responsible to their people and true public opinions and grassroots movements.  However, as one of his useful idiots said:

“I now know about grassroots planning; I now know how to build a community and make them rally around issues and have the ability to change their communities and their surroundings.” [Emphasis mine]

So, to what she inadvertently admitted: a community organizer will rope a bunch of additional useful idiots together (“making them rally”) to create a false “grassroots” movement and a false sense of public opinion (think ACORN).  However, in this “Obama World”, the organizers and the useful idiots are only too willing to continually push the same radical agenda of the President and the radicals in the White House.  Essentially, the “top” organizes the “bottom” to rise up and call for the “top” to come down with radical policies:

Because, they “need to rise up and make this president do what he knows is right.”


‘Restoring Courage’ all over Saint Louis, MO


Firstly, before going forwards, please read my previous post regarding Restoring Courage, in which I discussed:

  • Why we need to stand with Israel in this age
  • Information on Restoring Courage event in Israel
  • Information on Chesterfield, MO viewing party
  • How to donate to Mercury Radio Arts to help with Restoring Courage event
  • How to donate to the organizers of the Chesterfield viewing party

As described on the Restoring Courage page at, an event will be broadcast each day, starting on Sunday, August 21st and culminating in the main event on Wednesday, August 24th.  [View the event page for more details about each night’s event.]  According to the viewing party page, many viewing parties will be held all over St. Louis for the main event.  However, after talking to the organizer of each party, it appears there will be actually be only 4 events held on Wednesday, August 24th.  I have, therefore, attempted to assemble an accurate list of all events based on the information I obtained from each coordinator.

Additionally, there is a seperate viewing party being held on Monday, August 22nd for that night’s event.  Click here for more info.

*NOTE* Pay attention to the times for each event.  The Union, MO and Chesterfield, MO viewing parties will both take place in the evening during the 7:00 pm rebroadcast, while the parties in Warrenton, MO and Bethalto, IL will be broadcast LIVE at 9:00 am.  Additionally, there is a pre-show broadcast beginning 1 hour before each event, at 6:00 pm and 8:00 am, respectively; the parties in Union, MO and Bethalto, IL do not appear to be viewing this portion of the program.  Contact the respective viewing party coordinator with any questions about times.

  • Warrenton, MO

Holiday Inn Express [Click for map]
1008 N Hwy 47
Warrenton, MO 63383
Event begins at 8:00 am

Event Page for more info [FreedomWorks]
Contact: Bev Ehlen
Email: bevehlen-at-yahoo-dot-com

  • Chesterfield, MO

Chesterfield Ampitheater [Click for map]
631 Veterans Place Dr.
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Doors open at 5:30 pm

Event Page for more info [Website]
Contact: Guy Christian
Email: restoringfreedomandcourage-at-gmail-dot-com

  • Union, MO

Franklin County Baptist Association Building [Click for map]
785 Butterfield Drive
ding-left: 60px;”>Union, MO 63084
Doors open at 6:30 pm

Event Page for more info [Facebook]
Contact: Cindy McGee
Email: cmccindy724-at-att-dot-net

  • Bethalto, IL

Cornerstone Church [Click for map]
196 S Moreland Rd
Bethalto, IL 62010
Doors open at 8:30 am; Event begins at 8:45 am; Viewing begins at 9:00 am

Organization (Riverbend 9/12) page [Facebook] has no info regarding event.  Need to contact coordinator
Contact: Kathy Wassink
Email: riverbend912group-at-gmail-dot-com

*If you need to get ahold of coordinator, let me know; it is extremely difficult to contact her aside from telephone*

Additionally, there will be a viewing party on Monday, August 22nd in Ballwin, MO.  The event this evening is rebroadcast at 7:00 pm.

Midwest Music Conservatory [Click for map]
15977 Clayton Road
Ballwin, MO 63011
Doors open at 6:30 pm.

Admission is $1.50 for attendees 12 years old or older to cover cost of facility.  However if finances are difficult, contact coordinator.  Admission will be noted as paid in advance.

Contact: Annette Read
Email: teddynet-at-sbcglobal-dot-net

‘Restoring Courage’ in Chesterfield, MO


No, I’m not saying Chesterfield lacks courage. 🙂 Today, at an Ed Martin volunteer picnic, David Crosby of  handed out fliers for a Restoring Courage watch party at the Chesterfield Ampitheater the evening of August 24.

For those not familiar, on August 24th, Glenn Beck will be broadcasting a worldwide telecast from the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.  Like Restoring Honor, held on August 28th, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., this will be an apolitical event and is welcome to all who support Israel and the rights of people to exist in peace.  Because as Israel goes, so does the rest of the West.

With our President calling for the return to the untenable pre-1967 boundaries, growing Anti-Semitism around the world, continued threats against Israel by President Tom (as well as his Holocaust denial) and other terrorist organizations, and an expected UN call for a Palestinian state in September, we need to link arms and  Stand with Israel against a growing evil.

Some attendees of the event include:

  • Herman Cain and other Presidential nominees
  • Joe Lieberman who will lead a Congressional delegation
  • David Barton of Wallbuilders
  • Others to which I’m not privy

August 24, 2011
Gate Opens 5:30 pm

Chesterfield Ampitheater
631 Veterans Place Dr.
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Additional events on the 21st and the 22nd will be announced as the day approaches.

For more information:

To donate to the Chesterfield event, cash or checks may be sent to:

Restoring Freedom & Courage
P.O. Box 115
St. Peters, MO 63376

To donate to the national event, visit

Hypocrisy Embodied: Barack Obama


If you’re arguing opposite parts of the coin when the tides turn, you’re either a hypocrite or playing political games.  Or in some instances, like most childish Liberals, your views change because you realize the reality of having to govern and that everything you’ve fought against is beneficial (War on Terror, “torture”, etc.)

Without further ado: Senator Barack Obama debating President Barack Obama

H/t PO’ed Patriot

Understanding UN’s Anti-Israeli Bias


Hmm… sounds kind of like Glenn Beck’s theory that Radical Islam will link up with the Radical Left and Communists/Marxists to overthrow the West and Israel.


This is how you Handle a Twitter Hack, Rep Weiner


From the DailyCaller:

“Late Wednesday night, we learned that Congressman Johnson’s official Twitter  account had been compromised by an unauthorized user,” wrote communications  director Jessica R. Towhey. “We took immediate steps to delete two unauthorized  tweets and an inappropriate photograph. We are currently working with U.S.  Capitol Police, House Information Security and Twitter to resolve this  matter.”

Towhey says each contact responded immediately, and they are all treating the  breach as a serious matter.

Pushing Uncle Sam over a Cliff?


A parody of the infamous, dishonest Paul Ryan pushing an old lady off a cliff video:

But this one has a twist…

The Crisis of Credit, Visualized


Frankly, though I knew the current crisis involved ACORN thugs forcing banks to extend risky loans, I never thoroughly understood the financial mess we’re in.  This is an excellent description for anyone who wants a much fuller understanding of the economics of the current recession.

h/t Reboot Congress