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Blacksphere on Hallmark-gate


Kevin Jackson, author of The Big Black Lie, wrote a piece on the racist Hallmark card, the hypocrisy of the NAACP, and the cottage industry of race baiting:

The group that awarded Van Jones its “President’s Award” is at it again, race-baiting where there is no issue.  This latest example by the NAACP of Los Angeles proves just how desperate the race-baiting industry has become, as they have attacked one of America’s corporate institutions over a three year old greeting card.

The card clearly uses outerspace as a metaphor for life and discovery. “Black holes” extend the metaphor to warn of the potential pitfalls of life. Yet the NAACP has decided this card is demeaning to black women, whom they obviously feel are “black holes.”

Instead of focusing on the real problem, apathy within the black community and liberal policies that have created these conditions,–the man in the mirror—the NAACP seems hell bent on creating a new boogeyman, in this case by attacking one of America’s hallowed examples of capitalism, Hallmark.

The NAACP has convinced me that the trillions of dollars spent fighting poverty did nothing for poverty, moreover the funds were redirected to promote ignorance.  The NAACP is certainly showcasing it ignorance of science!

Why not just ban the term “black hole?” What next, perhaps the revelation that noted physicists Stephen Hawking is really a pimp, and “black hole” is ‘code’ for the prostitution ring he runs from his home “ in da hood?”

Instead of attacking an American institution like Hallmark, why doesn’t the NAACP make demands of black rappers, as it started by in 2007, when the NAACP was happy to announce the death of the N-word in rap music. You may not listen to rap, so I paraphrase Mark Twain in informing you that, “…the rumor of the demise of the N-word has been greatly exaggerated.”

Denouncing the N-word in rap certainly didn’t go far enough, because rap is frought with degradation of black culture and particularly black women. However, you won’t see the NAACP asking record companies to pull all the CDs that blatantly refer to black women in derogatory terms.

The NAACP was disturbingly quiet when rapper Nelly promoted “Pimp Juice.” If young black men are drinking pimp juice, what exactly would that make their “bitches?”

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