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ACLU issues AZ travel Alert


Bill O’Reilly called the ACLU the “most dangerous organization in the United States of America right now…second next to Al Qaeda.”  Now they’re just being ridiculous and over the top dramatic.  From Michelle Moore:

The nation’s top civil liberties group has issued travel warnings for Arizona, saying the new state law cracking down on illegal immigrants could lead to racial profiling and warrantless arrests.

American Civil Liberties Union affiliates in Arizona, New Mexico and 26 other states put out the alerts Wednesday, in advance of the heavily traveled Fourth of July weekend. The Arizona chapter says it’s received reports that law enforcement officers are already targeting some people even though the law doesn’t take effect until July 29.

Are you kidding me?  Even though in several points, the law states that police cannot use “may not solely consider race, color, or national origin” in the application of this law, these fools will still claim that racial profiling will occur and that anyone who looks latino will be in grave danger?

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