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Purgason wins over Carnahan 56 to 44


From the Purgason campaign site:

Respected national polling agency Magellan Strategies has just released a poll showing State Senator Chuck Purgason as the clear favorite in November’s Senate race.  The poll, which questioned 1234 registered voters in the state of Missouri, found that 56% preferred Chuck Purgason over expected Democratic nominee Robin Carnahan who received only 44% of the vote.  The poll had a margin of error of only  +/-2.79% and a confidence interval of 95%.

The poll was balanced, made up of 37% Republicans, 37% Democrats, and 26% Independent voters.  Purgason bested Carnahan in every age group, as well as among men, women, and independent voters.  All the data accumulated indicates that Missouri will be a safe Republican seat in the fall when Purgason moves on to the General Election.

This poll stands in sharp contrast to all recent polling on the Missouri Senate race which shows the state as a toss up.  Just three days ago, Rassmussen released a poll showing Purgason’s main opponent Roy Blunt leading in the race against Carnahan by only 6% with a +/- 4% margin of error and 95% confidence interval. In the Rasmussen Poll Blunt only garnered 49% of the total vote.  This data reveals that if Blunt were to win the Republican nomination, the party would be in danger of losing the seat to Democrat Robin Carnahan.

When asked to respond to the poll, State Senator Purgason responded, “I’m not surprised with the results at all.  Missourians are tired of these political dynasties.  Integrity really does matter.”


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