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Is Barney Frank a fiscal conservative?


Yes, but only when his money is at stake:

Ferry ticket prices to Fire Island, a popular gay haunt, can run as much as $9.00 for an adult, one way ; however, senior citizens are offered a discount of  $2.00. It is reported that Barney Franks’ request for his senior citizen discount was denied and  Barney was insulted, as in –  not flattered. 

Though the ticket information clearly states “Senior Citizens with Suffolk City”, Frank, who wanted the discount even though he didn’t have a required Senior Citizen ID is said to have caused a  major scene, a melt-down if you will.

Frank was on his way to “The Pines” last Friday when the incident occurred. Frank’s younger partner, James Ready, had requested two tickets – a regular for himself and a senior citizen ticket for Frank. Frank must have thought the ticket taker was a Republican because his reaction was so strong that one bystander said, “Frank made such a drama over the senior rate that I contemplated offering him the dollar to cool down the situation.”

Barney Frank, D,  is the incumbent congressman from Massachusetts. Will some Republican find it irresistible, in Elections 2010, to wish aloud that “Barney Franks was as careful with taxpayer money as he is his own?”

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