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Fox 2 News on Blunt v. Purgason: “Local Tea Party Members Question Blunt Endorsement”


From Fox2 News:

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You Decide 2010: members of Missouri’s tea-party movement call it a “slap in the face”. Minnesota Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite, endorses Roy Blunt in Missouri’s Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. The Tea Party’s pick, however, is Chuck Purgason.

Congresswoman Bachmann spoke via computer hook-up to a Blunt phone bank in Sunset Hills, cancelling her in-person visit for undisclosed health reasons. Bachmann and Blunt focusing more on likely Democratic nominee, Robin Carnahan, than Chuck Purgason, Blunt’s Tuesday opponent.

Bachmann told the crowd, ‘We’ve seen Barack Obama come recently to your beautiful state of Missouri where he said a vote for Robin Carnahan will be another vote for Barack Obama. All I can say is Mr. President, why don’t you make about 15 more trips to Missouri.”

Roy Blunt added, “I think we have one battle. One battle is the November battle. That’s the only battle that matters. We’re going to be fine Tuesday.”

Chuck Purgason, Republican U.S. Senate candidate, responds, “I think he’s taking a lot of people for granted.”

Dozens of Tea Party demonstrators blasted Blunt outside his photo-op, referring to him as a “RINO” or republican -in-name-only.

“Congressman Blunt was a strong supporter of the TARP bailout program. He was a strong supporter of the cash for clunkers program; those were the very things the Tea Party members were so fired up about,” says Purgason.

No doubt, there are republicans out here who just will not support Roy Blunt. But there’s a distinction: the Tea Party and the Republican Party are not one and the same; which makes Bachman’s endorsement of Blunt, especially tough to take.

One Purgason supporter said, “It’s a sell out basically. For anybody to claim to be a proponent of the Tea Party principles, and then to do what she did today, is a slap in the face to the Tea Party.”

Blunt seems confident Bachmann will do him more good than harm.

Purgason claims a new poll shows him beating Robin Carnahan by 12 points in the November general election. Both he and Blunt are planning victory parties in St. Louis County Tuesday night.

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