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Rand Imposter Identified: Tyler Collins


Previous video of a fake Rand Paul supporter who made racist remarks went viral all over the blogosphere.  But now we know more about him, thanks to via VerumSerum:

You can take the ‘alleged’ off the video of an alleged liberal Jack Conway supporter pretending to be a racist Rand Paul fan at the 130th Fancy Farm picnic in Kentucky. The man in the video was outed as Tyler Collins, and in further video posted by Joe Arnold of WHAS11 TV, it’s evident he was making racist comments to confuse people of not only Paul’s positions but the manner of his supporters as well.

Mr. Collins may think he’s being funny but he downright lied to reporter Joe Arnold, raised his hand and pledged his vote to Rand Paul. If he’s a man of his word, Paul has one vote he can place in his column.

Yet Tyler Collins is more than just a lying supporter of Jack Conway. His distaste for the tea party movement runs deep as well. In a June issue of a Crittenden County, Kentucky newspaper, Collins was paid (according to an anonymous source) to write a guest political column. He cites the Bible in his opposition to the tea party movement and apparently anything else he can come up with

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