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Fake Tea Partier tells us what he really thinks


That’s what happens when you get pressed by SharpElbows

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  1. Ben permalink
    09/14/2010 11:26 PM

    What the hell did I just witness? He was “joking” about getting rid of the progressive income tax, but then he turns around and says he thinks the Eisenhower tax rates were too high, but then he says the sales tax puts pressure on the poor, but then he says the government doesn’t have a right to “the rest of our money”…but he’s with people holding signs that are clearly a class warfare argument…

    I don’t get it…what the hell does he want???

    • 09/14/2010 11:40 PM

      This was an infiltrator, so he was giving his facade answer until Sharp got him to be straight with him (around 1:30). After that, the guy was answering what he truely believed and not under the Tea Party Infiltrator guise.

      Click on the Link above the video – Sharp’s post where there’s a bit more detail.

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