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Did Osama bin Laden commit academic dishonesty?


From TheDailyCaller:

Former President George W. Bush in his new book compares the words of terrorist Osama bin Laden to those of liberal activist and filmmaker Michael Moore.

Bush reflects in “Decision Points” that the October surprise of his 2004 presidential campaign against Sen. John Kerry was an Oct. 29 Osama bin Laden tape “mocking my response to 9/11 in the Florida classroom” — something Moore did in one film — as well as warning Americans of another terrorist attack.

“It sounded like he was plagiarizing Michael Moore,” Bush wrote of bin Laden.

In addition, DC commented on several points of the memoir.  Of interest:

8. Bush to advisers during financial collapse: ‘You can be damn sure I’m going to be Roosevelt, not Hoover.’

Bush also defended the Trouble Assets Relief Program legislation — the impetus for the Tea Party movement, according to some activists — writing that “[d]epolying TARP had the psychological impact we were hoping for.”

Tea Party skeptics use “evidence” such as this as a sign of hypocrisy/partisanship of the Tea Party: that they are critical of Obama’s spending spree, but do not look into Bush’s out of control deficits.  However, those critics of the Tea Party do NOT realize (or choose to ignore) that many were making a scene about Bush’s spending way before Obama came along.  And those who didn’t make a big deal of Bush at the time are, now that they’re awake, looking into the big government, Progressive vein of the Bush Administration which is now extremely evident even to those previously asleep at the wheel.

10. Should the CIA waterboard Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? ‘Damn right.’

When CIA chief George Tenet asked Bush whether waterboarding or other enhanced interrogation techniques could be used on terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Bush said he simply responded: “Damn right.”

This one sounds familiar, eh?

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