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Urban Dictionary: Dupenik


Currently defined at as:

(n.) a buffoon, simpleton, uninformed individual that runs his/her mouth without rhyme or reason and has no idea of what they are talking about. Usually a self professed expert, short on knowledge, but is full of crap.
 But Doug Powers (at relays a new definition from ZappaTrust:
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  1. dave talley permalink
    01/14/2011 9:10 AM

    1. To attempt to use a tragedy or some other public event to score cheap and irrelevant political points against your opponents.
    2. Former phrase “jumped the shark” is now obsolete. It will henceforth be “Dupniked”, as in “Uh Oh, I think I just Dupniked.”
    3. Any absurdly stupid or transparently partisan statement.

    Members of Congress can say for example “Let’s just step back for a moment…We don’t want to Dupnik here”

    We should thank the sheriff for not only giving us a new word to use, but for forever preventing the Dem’s from playing this particular card again. Given especially that Sean Hannity and others have so correctly pointed out all of the hatred and outrageous statements that Dem’s made in the past, even including the one congressman who now calls for civility yet back in October said the Republican candidate for Florida Governor should … “be taken out and shot”

    I love it

    remember DON’T BE A DUPNIK!


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