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Using Alcohol to Explain the Deficit Growth and Reduction OR “Why the Federal Government Drives me to Drink”


From The Political Commentator (along with a hilarious video from 10000 Pennies):

A $1.5 trillion budget deficit is a number that ordinary people like you and I have a hard time getting our arms around

Now we have all heard the phrase, “what does a trillion dollars look like?” The numbers being thrown around by Washington are so massive that it all begins to look and sound like so much funny money. Remember that it wasn’t very long ago when hundreds of billions sounded like a lot. That of course was before Obama got to town.

The Obama administration deficit explained, brought to you by the good people at Jack Daniels giving new meaning to the phrase driven to drink!

But if the current majority in the House has their way, “Bottoms Up”!

h/t Keyboard Militia

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