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Hippies in Wisconsin Disrespecting War Memorial


It’s this kind of crap that makes me embarrassed for my generation and the useful idiots who populate it.  And because it took someone older than these indoctrinated fools to point this out (the hippies say this is the first time it was mentioned to them – surprise, surprise when you’re only surrounded by other hippies and ex-hippies), I also fear for the future as the older generations go.

Some of the worst parts were the non-verbals: the rolling of the eyes and the exasperated looks of “Yeah, we know that your old traditions of respect to those pigs in the military are important to you, but the new Revolutionary work must go on, so stop lecturing us.”  Such Punks…

I mean, I can be careless when I don’t think, but were someone to bring this up had I done something similar, I can’t imagine I’d have an argument beyond “Oh crap, I wasn’t thinking; it’s coming down now” and just take the thing down.  The fact that they can only say “we’ll take it into consideration” is just infuriating.  It ended up requiring the boss-hippie to come and smooth everything over with.

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