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Miranda Priestly goes to Washington


From The Daily Caller comes a long story detailing Representative Jackson Lee’s horrible and mean spirited management skills.

Yes, the same Congresswoman who claimed repealing ObamaCare is unconstitutional, wanted hurricanes’ names to be more racially diverse, claimed the Tea Party is composed of ex-KKK members, believed Vietnam was still divided (VIDEO), and asked for a picture of the American flag planted by Neil Armstrong on Mars.  And this article has these and more examples of her sad race-baiting attempts, including calling Secret Service agents racists.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas also hands out nicknames to the people who work for her. The Houston Democrat addressed one of her employees as “you stupid motherfucker.” And not just once, but “constantly,” recalls the staffer, “like, all the time.”

Another Jackson Lee aide recounts the time her parents came to Washington to visit: “They were really excited to come to the congressional office. They’re small town people, so for them it was a huge deal. They were actually sitting in the main lobby waiting area….[Jackson Lee] came out screaming at me over a scheduling change. Called me a ’stupid idiot. Don’t be a moron, you foolish girl’ and actually did this in front of my parents, of all things.”

And as VerumSerum says: “That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It gets better as you go. Read the rest here.”  Seriously, this thing is full, from top to bottom, of hilarity.

h/t VerumSerum

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