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An OFA Video on “Grassroots” Organizing and Van Jones


“Top down, bottom up, and inside out.” – Van Jones

Back to him in a second.  But first, a telling video of several “organizers” having lunch with President Obama:

The video is essentially Obama discussing how community organizers cannot just focus on the issues on the field, but also the need for a government who will respond to ordinary Americans.  Essentially, not only do you need a strong, organized “grassroots” movement to push issues, but you also need a government who will be responsive to the movement.  This is exactly right – governments should be responsible to their people and true public opinions and grassroots movements.  However, as one of his useful idiots said:

“I now know about grassroots planning; I now know how to build a community and make them rally around issues and have the ability to change their communities and their surroundings.” [Emphasis mine]

So, to what she inadvertently admitted: a community organizer will rope a bunch of additional useful idiots together (“making them rally”) to create a false “grassroots” movement and a false sense of public opinion (think ACORN).  However, in this “Obama World”, the organizers and the useful idiots are only too willing to continually push the same radical agenda of the President and the radicals in the White House.  Essentially, the “top” organizes the “bottom” to rise up and call for the “top” to come down with radical policies:

Because, they “need to rise up and make this president do what he knows is right.”


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