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This is how you Handle a Twitter Hack, Rep Weiner


From the DailyCaller:

“Late Wednesday night, we learned that Congressman Johnson’s official Twitter  account had been compromised by an unauthorized user,” wrote communications  director Jessica R. Towhey. “We took immediate steps to delete two unauthorized  tweets and an inappropriate photograph. We are currently working with U.S.  Capitol Police, House Information Security and Twitter to resolve this  matter.”

Towhey says each contact responded immediately, and they are all treating the  breach as a serious matter.


Pushing Uncle Sam over a Cliff?


A parody of the infamous, dishonest Paul Ryan pushing an old lady off a cliff video:

But this one has a twist…

The Crisis of Credit, Visualized


Frankly, though I knew the current crisis involved ACORN thugs forcing banks to extend risky loans, I never thoroughly understood the financial mess we’re in.  This is an excellent description for anyone who wants a much fuller understanding of the economics of the current recession.

h/t Reboot Congress

Tea Party Rap


The Truth about US Oil Reserves


Climate change Hoax: Turning Western Civilization into Pre-Industrial Era


Sharia Law is incompatible with the Constitution


Speak the truth, Senator Santorum!

h/t TrevorLoudon